Meet Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy believes Minnesota is at a crossroads. We bring back law, order, and a free economy or we will watch ourselves sink with the swamps of DC, New York, and California. This requires strong leadership and that’s what Mike Murphy will bring to the table. 

Growing up in Coon Rapids, Mike Murphy is a lifelong resident of Minnesota. He was hunting and fishing from an early age, spending much of his free time exploring nature with his friends. He graduated from Coon Rapids High School in 2003 and enrolled in college, studying Law Enforcement.

While attending college, Mike worked for his local police department. 

The good that law enforcement officers were doing and finding pride in carrying out his duties made an impression on him. They are true public servants who deserve recognition, respect, and support. He thought it was his calling to join them.

But while he was off duty, Mike sustained a back injury. As Mike moved through his recovery, though, he realized that he needed to develop a new plan for his life.

Mike made one of the most difficult decisions of his life: he left law enforcement. Still equipped with his education and his leadership abilities, he decided he would go into the private sector. In 2008, he and his father launched their own small business, a franchise of The UPS Store, and commercial printing business.

Today, Mike’s business has become a paragon of Main Street values. He does not wait for the government to solve any problems.  He donates portions of his profits to local initiatives, giving back to the community in the form of scholarship programs and local charities. He has spent his life serving the public and the community, stretching himself thin any time he has seen that there is an opportunity to make other people’s lives better.

In October 2016, Mike was elected to the city council, and in 2019, the office of Mayor became vacant in Lexington, and Mike stepped in to do the job. As the Mayor of Lexington, he fights the radical liberal governments in St. Paul and DC with one hand and builds his community with the other.

This past year alone, his town has passed an anti-riot act, a ban on tyrannical executive powers, and a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary declaration. He will do more. 

Mike married his wife, Gloria, in 2014. They live in Lexington with their daughter Eleanor. 

Mike is the strong leader you can depend on to support police, protect our rights, and lead Minnesota to new heights of prosperity.

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