Meet Mike Murphy

Growing up in Coon Rapids, Mike Murphy is a lifelong resident of Minnesota. He was hunting and fishing from an early age, spending much of his free time exploring nature with his friends. Attending Coon Rapids High School, he graduated in 2003, ready to face the world passionately and from a service mindset. He knew surely and clearly by then, as well, that Minnesota would always be his home. Any way that he could, he was going to contribute positively to his community. He recognized his own talent for leadership and organization, and eager to make a difference for others, he enrolled in college, studying Law Enforcement.

While attending college, Mike worked for his local police department. He sensed that he had found his calling, seeing the good that law enforcement officers were doing and finding pride in carrying out his duties. His life, more than ever before, made sense to him. He could see exactly what he was going to do and exactly what he wanted to make of himself. Then, something happened that would throw him off course – or more accurately, set his life onto an all-new course.

While he was off duty, Mike sustained a back injury. While it was not immediately clear how critical the injury was, he fought through it. As Mike moved through his recovery, though, he realized that he needed to develop a new plan for his life. The map that he had been following no longer made sense in the condition that he was in. To put his talents to work, he would need to think of something new.

Mike made one of the most difficult decisions of his life: he left law enforcement. Still equipped with his education and his leadership abilities, he felt as if he was starting over from zero. He looked over all of his interests, considering his options, and in 2005, he and his father started talking about their future. Soon after, they launched their own small business, a franchise of The UPS Store.

Entrepreneurship was an excellent fit for Mike. He was using the same leadership skills that had drawn him to law enforcement in the first place, but on top of that, he was competing in the open market. Before long, he felt entirely comfortable with his new life, regretting nothing and holding no doubts that he had made the right decision. He developed a network of repeat customers, serving his community in a different way than he had with law enforcement, but in a way that was no less real.

Success followed. It was not long before Mike realized he needed to expand his business to keep up with local demand. His customers were asking him about commercial printing, and to respond to their needs and make his The UPS Store more of a one-stop-shop, he added tools and services for commercial printing. He became an essential part of the local business landscape, other small business owners and entrepreneurs relying on him to help them keep their businesses running smoothly.

Today, Mike’s business has become a paragon of community-centered small business ownership. He donates portions of his profits to local initiatives, giving back to the community in the form of scholarship programs and local charities. For anyone who knows Mike, this is no surprise at all. He has spent his life serving the public and the community, stretching himself thin any time he has seen that there is an opportunity to make other people’s lives better.

Mike married his wife, Gloria, in 2014, seven years after they met in 2007. Gloria is a Realtor as well as a medical technology professional. A Park Board and Planning and Zoning Commissioner, Gloria shares Mike’s passion for community outreach and service, emphasizing that healthy communities lead to stronger families, positive mental health, and widespread prosperity. On April 3rd, 2020, Mike and Gloria welcomed their first child, Eleanor.

In 2016, Mike ran a write-in campaign for the Lexington City Council, his first foray into politics. To those who were unfamiliar with Mike or who knew him only as a small business owner, this may have seemed brash, but everyone in his immediate circle saw what he was doing: he had spotted one more way to serve his community, and of course, he was going to take it. In October 2019, the office of Mayor became vacant in Lexington, and based on acclamation, Mike stepped in to do the job. The following year, he ran unopposed for reelection, winning a full term to the office.

Mike is a fighter who finds energy in the midst of difficulties. Mike believes effective leadership is based on hard work, which he learned from his father, a 42-year Air Force veteran, and his mother, who immigrated from Holland after meeting his father while stationed there. 

When Mike hears that others are struggling or that someone around him is in a bind, he feels driven to do something to help them. He is always ready to lend a hand to those around him, immersing himself in his community so that he remains aware of any problems that arise and what he can do to solve them. As the Mayor of Lexington, he is forging a new path for his community, one that is always mindful of values and that respects traditions. As the next Governor of Minnesota, Mike will instill those values and integrity into his administration, leading Minnesota down a path of prosperity.

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